Thursday, March 15, 2012

My very exciting news!

This article in the recent magazine School News shares my very exciting news.

This is very exciting and will really showcase the learning journey in Room 6.  Part of my professional development for this year involves time in Christchurch with the other 4 efellows.  That is where I was last Thursday and Friday.  I would like to share some of this trip with you all. We remember everyone in Christchurch and we keep them in our prayers, but I don't think we realise how devastated it really is.  These photos show some of the severe devastation...

It is really hard to believe what has happened to the Catholic Basilica.  They are in the process of dismantling and containerising it ready for a rebuild!

Alongside the devastation are all the wonderful signs of resilience, rebuilding and hope!
Coffee shop on a bare piece of land.  I found it very hard to know where we were, as so many landmark buildings no longer exist.

How cool is this community library. Another gap - filler!
Collaborative community artwork as another gap filler.
 The amazing pop-up container centre in the Cashel Street Mall.
 A very unusual looking bank.
Re purposed bells now serve as planters.
Everywhere we looked in the CBD there were signs of utter despair, but many signs of hope and promises of a great future.
We must keep you all in our prayers.
Kia Kaha Christchurch!


  1. Thats very exciting news!

  2. I really do hope that they rebuid Christchurch. I feel really sorry for people who have lost there love ones.


  3. Congrats Mrs K, reward for all your hard work!
    Jenny G

    1. Thanks so much Jenny, it is very exciting. I have learnt so much from my group already. I am loving being back in class. The learners are amazing!

  4. These photos are great to see, for those of us that havent been to CHCH since the terrible earthquake. I love the photos of all the rebuilding its awesome to see.

    Tara H