Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taieri swim club prize giving

Last night I went to swimming club prize giving. First they handed out the coach certificates. Mine said 'keep on smiling and you are a pleasure to work with.'
Next they handed out the mile badge things. I didn't get one because it did it last year. After the mile badge kids the Taieri club champs rewards got handed out. I came 3rd in my age group and I got a certificate. Then I got a trophy for having the fastest time in 50 metre freestyle in my age group. I'm really proud. To my surprise I got the most promising junior girl. That means I will be in squad with the big kids. After the prize giving I got a sausage and
a fizzy drink. We got to have a play swim. I am really proud of myself and I hope my swimming will keep on improving.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Laura, we are all incredibly proud of you too! What is your favourite stroke? Sorry, the photos are not very clear with the light behind. I wonder if you could take a better photo and upload it?
    Mrs K

    1. Thanks Mrs K. My favourite stroke is freestyle. I can take another photo in the weekend and I will upload it to the wiki.


  2. Well done Laura. Great to hear of your success this year with swimming. All the best with the Otago Champs this weekend. Mrs Baines

  3. Well done Laura you did really well good luck with all of
    the rest of your games


    You are a wonderful swimmer, what is your fastest time with freestyle?
    (Only if you get timed)
    Keep up the good work!
    -Michaela :)