Monday, March 12, 2012

Overnight Challenge...

So much happened at school today.  We were so privileged to see two butterflies emerge from their chrysalises.  We realised they were very close, so we put the swan plant on the prayer table in the centre of the map so we could be on 'Monarch Watch'.  At 9.09 one emerges, closely followed by another at 9.19.  We were able to enjoy the arrivals, photograph and video the arrivals.  We were soooo lucky!

This afternoon we had our skype session with Rosmini College.  Simon's group of three was a group of one - as his other two students were not at school today.  Simon presented alone on Road Safety.  He questioned us all on our method of transport to and from school then took us through a safety journey from walking, biking, bus and car.  His presentation was very thorough and we loved the chance to answer his questions.  That really helped to keep us focused.  We were soooo impressed with Simon's presentation that we gave him a standing ovation.  Kapai Simon.

Our challenge for tonight is to share a reflection of our butterfly arrivals or a reflection on our skype on the wiki.  Mrs K will check and transfer these to the blog.  

I wonder how many updates we will see?

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