Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skyping with Simon

Yesterday we skyped with a guy named Simon.
He was very brave facing us alone especially as he didn't want to do it alone!
He talked to us about road safety. He taught us all the rules about road safety. It was interesting to learn about.
He also told us about what to not do and what to do when near roads and bus stops.
He gave us some quizzes and stuff.
It was quite fun really!


  1. Dear Room 6

    That sounds pretty cool, it’s funny you skyped with a guy named Simon because my name is Simon too! Anyway, learning about road safety is something that I want to do that because it’s good to be safe - like our school motto “Be safe, Be respectful, Be a learner.” And skyping is fun so what a cool way to learn.

    From your blogging friend

    Room 24, Taradale Intermediate School

  2. Awesome story Zara,
    Simon was very brave to speak to us by himself, I know that I would of had trouble. But Simon didn't show us he was nervous. WELL DONE SIMON!