Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today at school Mrs K told us about Metallica, a weird little robot. He has springs for legs, a helicopter propellor as a hat and a body the shape of a baked bean can. He has a head the shape of a rugby ball. Metallica is a friendly chap, he likes to fly around in his spaceship.  He also likes to fly around earth. Metallica is from planet neptune. Metallica has lots of friends and enjoys hanging out with them all.


  1. Hi Jake
    I must be showing my age because for me Metallica will always be a heavy metal band! I like how you have organized your ideas before you started writing. It makes it much easier for the reader to read.


  2. Wow, when I read your character description I could really see Metallica in my head. My favourite line was "Metallica is a friendly chap", not many people use that word 'chap' anymore and it's such a great word. I am going to show my class your writing because we are going to study creative writing next term. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Jake, Your picture and description match so well - I can see that you worked hard to make him look so friendly.
    How long did it take Metallica to get to Earth from Neptune?
    Keep sharing your writing and pictures.
    Miss K

  4. Gosh Jake you gave such a wonderful description of Metallica that I can almost imagine him flying to my place in his spaceship to see what's going on. He does sound a bit weird, and I guess he can't stop jumping with those springs for legs!

  5. Hello Jake,

    This is a wonderful description of Metallica. The drawing is brilliant and just as described in the text. Well done!

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  6. Dear Jake

    I love your writing! You're right, Metallica does sound weird in an original and quirky way. Imagine all the things you could manage to do with a helicopter hat springs for legs. He must find those two features quite handy.

    I was thrilled when I read that Metallica is from Neptune. Neptune has always been my favourite planet since I learnt about our solar system when I was a kid. I'm sure it's a great home for Metallica.

    I wonder what hobbies he has and what games he plays with his friends.

    Your Hawke's Bay friend

    Miss McLeod, Room 24

  7. thank you for all the comments metallica likes racing in his spaceship and playing space rugby

  8. hi Rm 6
    it sound like it was really fun i hope you can post some more pics on the blog
    Bridget Boyne-Lawlor

    It was really fun.I hope we do some more on Metallica and can't wait till we share them.