Saturday, March 3, 2012

Funky Friday

Yesterday was perhaps our busiest Funky Friday ever.  We were so grateful to have four wonderful helpers; Alison, Marlene, Maureen and Tracey.  Thank you so much!  Four extra helpers makes so much more possible and we love sharing our learning with you.  Check out all of the fun and discovery of Funky Friday!
We made life cycles showing the stages of metamorphosis.

We finished off our Identity Records.  We used Tagxedo to create word clouds of words we use to describe ourselves.  We were very grateful for Marlene and Maureen hanging them for us!  We think our records look fantastic hanging in the class.  What do you think.

We also worked on our Kowhaiwhai art.  What a busy, busy time...


  1. Funky Friday was the best and you had a bunch of things to do witch was cool.


  2. that was fun especially the butterfly life cycle


  3. Hey there Rom 6, the identity records look very cool, I'm sure you all had heaps of fun looking at each others baby photos and making your records. They look very effective hanging up in your classroom!

    Janayas Mum Lee-Ann

  4. Hi room 6, I can not wait to come and help one Funky Friday :)
    Tara H (Gracin's mum)