Saturday, March 3, 2012

Koru Shapes

When Mrs K was sick we cut out Koru shapes and displayed them with Ms P.

Paper Koru Art!

Step 1.First we got a piece of black paper and two pieces of coloured paper.

Step 2.Then we got to choose what shape for our base. We could choose four different shapes - Square, rectangle, triangle and circle.

Step 3.We folded our pieces of coloured paper half then half again.

Step 4.Then we drew koru’s on our paper. It was best to draw them on the crease line

Step 5.Then we had to make patterns out of the koru shapes.
Then once we had got our shapes in the right position we stuck them on the paper. We had to make sure that the bottoms of the korus are touching the edge of the paper or connecting to another koru.

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  1. Im try that at home thanks for the steps
    ps. this in Anthony Blown