Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our reading spaces are FABULOUS!

Mrs K. loves coming into class and seeing us enjoy our reading spaces!  Which is your favourite space learners and more importantly WHY?


  1. These are awesome photos of wonderful Room 6 learners. My favorite space is out doors on the deck especially if its a nice day! Because I love to be outside in the fresh air with the birds chirping, it is so peaceful, a perfect place to read for me. -Michaela

  2. I really enjoy reading my books. today I was reading the slime squad.

  3. My favourite place to read is probably two places!
    Outside and on the beanbags!

  4. Dear Room 6

    I’m from Hawkes Bay, Napier. My school is Taradale Intermediate School.

    My favourite space to read is outside on the trampoline or if it is raining I like to read on the couch. I like to read on the trampoline because it is peaceful (only if my brother or sister are not outside) and I love the fresh air on my face. I’m reading the Inheritances series and I’m really enjoying it. It’s about a boy called Eragon who finds an egg and he becomes the first dragon rider since the bad king destroyed them. He goes on a mission to destroy the King who is a rider as well. There are four books and I am on the second one. That is called Eldest. The books are very thick and it took my best friend to finish the books 6 months.

    From Johanna