Friday, March 16, 2012

Dragon Adventure number one...

My dragons name is Floppy. She has a daughter called Floopy Junior. She lives in a cave on a edge of a cliff. She cames to my house everyday to get food for her and her daughter. She is a blue mouse wing dragon. They are ultra rare. You can find them in a special place in New Zealand which is unknown to mankind. When she is not with my she will be looking for gold at the end of a rainbow. Her dream is to be a MILLIONAIRE. She wants to live in a gold castle. When she is not with me she also flies around everywhere just for fun. She like visiting the rainbow volcano in the middle of Mosgiel. I love my dragon. She is the best.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Laura, you are the first to post your dragon adventure. It has taken me ages to upload each photo one by one. Sorry if you were waiting to publish. I am delighted with how enthusiastic you are with your learning. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. This weekend I will upload your glitter artwork so you can each individually reflect on your work in your wiki page also. Have a great weekend.
    Mrs K

  2. She is so cute!
    I love her name "Floppy". :)