Friday, March 16, 2012

Dragon Adventure number three...

Sherbert's amazing adventures

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Sherbet.  He would go on amazing adventures and spot marvellous creatures that you had never seen before. Sherbet would be in and out every where discovering caves and creatures in the amazon jungle. Secret places that you had never discovered and seen before. While he would go on these adventures he would also bring his survival guide, a water bottle and a few stacked up sandwiches that he had squashed in his backpack. While Sherbet finds and discovers the secret places he wouldn't tell anybody, he would keep it to himself. After he leaves his cave he would put the fire on and cover his entrance with twigs, branches and other bits and bobs like leaves and vines so nobody finds out where he lived. Sherbet was the only kind of dragon that was left. He didn't go too far from his cave because the hunters would probably take him away and turn him into sandwiches. So much for packing a stack of sandwiches in his backpack. Meanwhile he was discovering a dragon that he had never seen before.  Maybe he would find out about it next time....


  1. wow!I really liked that story.Great work

  2. This story was the bomb Anahera

  3. Awesome story Anahera,
    sounds like sherbet is a very adventurous dragon!