Tuesday, March 13, 2012

P.A.s in Room 6

Mrs D always talks about her P.A.s.  They are her personal assistants who help out when and as needed.  Mrs D and I talked about a number of learners who are really challenged with our learning spaces, routines and organisation.  We wondered if P.A.s might work to help with this.  A trial of this was very successful and today we defined the criteria for learner and P.A.
I think we are very lucky to have Mrs D to share this idea with us.  We know that it is a learner's responsibility to ask for and accept help.  We know that it is a P.A.'s responsibility to model, encourage and support learners to success.  We know that P.A.s are not allowed to do the task or learning, they have the invaluable role of helping others achieve.
A learner must identify that they need help and sign up for support at the start of the day or when required. We will reflect on the success of this and let you know how we tweak it to make it work for us all in Room 6.


  1. I have been so lucky to have some special PA's in Room 6 - they help ME with so many things that thay are really good at, and I couldn't do without them ! I'm sure there'll be a few children who would just love to have their own PA for the day.

    1. You got me thinking now Mrs D! Maybe I will have a PA tomorrow!!! :)

  2. It was a very good idea to have P.A 's helping people!