Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ted 2012 (Taieri e day) Avatars

Today Zara, Laura, Michaela, Anahera, Ciara, Georgia, Lorie Josh, Callum and I went to Ted conference with a lot of other schools. We all participated and presented and listened and learned lots. My favorite part was presenting and teaching people how to make avatars. I did it with Anahera and Lorie. We talked to 12 people about why it is important to have an avatar.  It took a while to get confident enough to help people and speak up but we came through in the end. I was especially good at helping people save their pictures on their USB stick. I had so much fun and their avatars looked great in the end! Unfortunately no-one finished in time to go on any of the other sites like wimp yourself.       

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