Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stars on stage

On Tuesday the 23rd of August some of the people from Room 5, 6 and 7 went to the Regent Theatre to do our performance which was ‘Stars on stage’. Our theme was Alice in Wonder land. We all had to be at first church at 6:30 so then we would all walk over to the regent as a school. Mr. Bros got to first church at about 5:50 and then we all walked over to the regent. When we got over to the Regent Theatre we walked inside and I saw that the regent was just starting to fill up. We went and got our seats and sat down and we started singing along to the music. Then these people Damian and Niki from more FM were there. Before any of the schools started they showed different types of dances. Then he told us this weird zebra joke!  It went like this, what is black and white and eats like a horse. Then all the schools had their go and then it was time for us to go on.  I felt so nervous. We went out of the room and got all dressed and went out. Then it was time for us to shine. When it was my time to go on I was really nervous but when I was on I didn’t really mind because the lights were so bright so I couldn’t see the audience so I was fine. Then we did our final dance and went off stage and ran back to our seat and watched the last dance. Then Damian told us a monkey joke and it went like this!  There were two monkeys in a bath and the first monkey said “hoo ah ah” and the second monkey said put the cold water on then. I really enjoyed it and I hope we can do it in two years time.


  1. HI fantastic story!
    Stars on Stage was awesome!
    The costumes look great and your dances were brilliant. Hope that all the children in stars on stage had a good time performing for that huge crowd..... I got STAGEFRIGHT!
    Thanks for posting your marvelous work
    -Michaela Room 6

  2. Hi jorja! Your story was fantastic! i loved stars on stage as much as you do! our show was awesome!