Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A complicated situation.

On the 30th of October right before morning tea some of the class rooms walked down to Peter Johnson Park. There were four members of the All Blacks there to meet and greet us outside the fields. We waited for the autographs for either one or two hours. The names of the All Blacks were Ben Smith, Ben Franks,  Andrew Hore, and Tamiti Ellison.

There were at least five schools. Each school got a group photo and autographs on a huge poster! I waited an hour in different lines to get heaps of autographs! Some people got knuckles or hugs.  I had a fantastic time and I hope to go back next year!         


  1. Meating the All blacks was very cool. my favourite was Ben smith. Who is yours. Thomas

  2. Hi Anahera
    I like your storys Title. Which All Black did you like the best?