Monday, October 29, 2012

Fantastic fair

Last Sunday it was St Mary's fantastic fair. Lots of people came to enjoy
the fun along with the students and teachers of St Mary's school. There were
the old classic activities like treasure island, tombola, bungy run, money
golf and loads more. Also there were new activities like soak a Senior,
triage and stock cars.

I hung out with my friends. We played truth or dare. We all dared Sam to
get his finger nails painted and also have a butterfly painted on his
face. He looked very funny after that. I spent my money on the new
activities. I enjoyed triage so much I did it twice. It looked so real.
Then I enjoyed some food that I brought. It was great but then I realized
I was just about out of money. I decided to use it on the tombola. I had
just enough to get three tickets. It had to be a 0 or a 5 to win. I did it
quick and.....none of them won. Then mum came to the rescue and gave me $10
more. I raced to the money golf and try my luck with 8 balls and won $5
so $1 extra because I paid $4, but it was fun and worth it. Through
out the day I kept spending money and it was all worth the wait in
lines, losing some activities and running out of money. Over all I really
liked it.


  1. Hi Bily I really like your story. Hopefully next time you wont run out of money. The triage tent was pretty cool though wasn't it.

  2. I like your story Billy! And how you must of loved our school fair!


  3. Hi Billy
    It was pretty cool with the butterfly and nails. Hope it was worth the money.