Monday, October 29, 2012

The 2012 fair

Sunday morning at 11:00 all the stalls at the fair opened. Some of the stalls were new and some of them old favourites. I got my nails done highlighter pink. Everyone's favourite game seemed to be soak a senior, a new stall, and another one, triage. They design fake wounds for you. Mia, Georgia, Ciara and I all got a wound of some kind. I got a slash on my leg that appeared to have a blue bruise, red gooey blood, just trickling slowly from my leg. The people who have done these amazing wounds could be makeup artists in horror movies. This is my last fair while I'm a pupil at St Mary's but I'll probably come next year.


  1. Zara,

    Awesome story! I liked reading it.
    I liked your description highlighter pink.

  2. Hi zara great story i really liked the triage as well i got it 2 times.

  3. Hi Zara
    Those wounds look so real. I love your story.
    It is sad to hear that you might be leaving.

    - Laura

  4. The fair was very fun especially the place were you could get a cut on your arm,leg or head

  5. hi Zara

    great story the wounds look so real. What was you favourite part.