Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100wc Ciara

A mysterious Cat

It's late at night so i just pop into bed and go to sleep. 
I hear this noise, Aaron I say to him ''what is that''.We go around the house and have a look to see what the noise was.  We go in to the living room, One of the windows was open.  I go over and close it.  I''m worried that something could of happened to the children. I go check the boys and Aaron checks Charlotte. I hear him laughing, I go over have a look. Charlotte is playing with a cat.  She told us that '' I saw a cat come through the window when I got up to get a drink'' 
Can we keep him?...


  1. Daisy 100WC,
    Hey Ciara, I like your exploration with speech within your story and I think it works well, just be careful where you place your speech marks. Well done :)

    1. Thanks Daisy for the help
      I will be more careful the next time how I use them