Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beach ed

Today room 6 and 5 went to Brighton beach for not just a swim but to learn about how we can keep safe in the water. When we arrived and got off the bus we went upstairs and were greeted by two life guards who took us through the basics of keeping ourselves safe around water. Then we had to say the 6 words that we had to do. (Slip) on some togs or other clothes suitable for the beach. (Slop) on some sun screen, it had to be SPF 30 plus. (Slap) on a hat to keep our face safe from the sun. (Wrap) on a peer of sunnies for eye protection against the sun. (Slurp) a nice cold water to keep ourselves hydrated . And finally (slide) under some shade like and beach umbrella or tree. After having lunch and playing around it was finally time for a swim. We got into our togs and wetsuits and ran in. We did all sorts of stuff like duck diving, just running out there but my favourite was the body surfing. Then it was time to go back. I think everyone really enjoyed it.

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  1. Hi that sounded really interesting have you been to that beach before? What is your favourite beach called? My is Waimari!

    from Maya