Sunday, December 2, 2012



There was a young fellow called Nick,
Met a good looking chick,
She looked like a dog
Ate like a hog
And made him violently sick. -Michaela and Zara

There once was a very old fellow,
Dyed his hair bright yellow,
Took a cab
To the professors lab
And ended as a marshmallow. -Michaela

There was a young women called Anne,
Lover of collecting cans,
She stole a few,
Thinking no one knew
Ended in a policeman's van. -Michaela

There was a young girl called Lilly,
Her attitude was awfully silly,
Blew up the town,
Given class clown,
And changed her name to Milly. -Michaela

I once knew a girl called Kai,
She looked in her ear with her eye,
I'll never know why,
She might have lied,
Well, you'll never know till you try! -Michaela

From me,

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