Monday, April 2, 2012


Once upon a time there was a robotical robot that lived on mars. He ate mars bars and jumping jelly beans. This mystical robot was called Metallica. He is the only type of creature that I know and he is the only type and unique robot. He has springs so he can jump from here to there. Connected to the springs are big thick gumboots.  Sometimes gum gets stuck to them! Yuck! Metallica has a helicopter propelled hat stuck to his head so he can fly round town. He can turn his body right around like a spinning top. He is very flexible so he can also bend his head backwards and his fingers are more like frog and octopus tentacles that have suction so they stick to anything! Metallica lives under some of the big black holes in and out of space. He takes rides on black holes with his other robot friends and comes out at the other side of space at the milky way bar!

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  1. Awesome story Anahera! Metallica sounds very cool!