Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today we went to the R.S.A.  When we went in there, there were a lot of pictures of people that either died or lived.  Also there were men who came and talked to us about the war and Anzac day. I learnt that people that are the messengers on the Radios only get 2 seconds to come out of the trenches.
I learnt that Anzac means Australia and New Zealand army corps. I also learnt that it would be so hard living in a trench full of mud and everything. I learnt that Anzac biscuits have been around for a long time. I also learnt that there was a man called Simpson.  He had a donkey and he picked up during the war injured or dead people and took them to a doctor. One day he got shot and this very day people from New Zealand and Australia still visit his grave. I learnt that in the war there were no rules. Also in the war they use weapons that we are not allowed and don’t have now. I learnt that there were thousands of people that were in the war that never came back which was really sad. I learnt a lot today and I enjoyed it.


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