Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Grandma

My grandma was in hospital and they thought that she had a mini stroke so she had to stay in hospital for four days. I was very very worried and so was my family but it seemed that she was all right but they still had to keep her in hospital just in case something went wrong. After those four days she was a bit better but really tired. I am so happy she is home.


  1. Lorie, I am so happy to hear your Grandma is home. Please tell her we are very happy she is home and are keeping her in our prayers. I hope you are enjoying your holiday! I am away to Auckland for next week with loads of new learning in store for me! Great to see you in the wiki!
    Mrs K

  2. We are so sorry we hope that your Grandma is feeling better now.
    -Mia and Michaela