Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today we went to the RSA to meet some old soldiers that went to the War. Their names were Bing and R.W. Currie. They told us all about the War and what it was like back then. We asked them all sorts of questions. One of them was what did it feel like to shoot and kill someone? R.W Currie’s answer was “It didn’t feel nice at all!” We got some Rosemary on our way out.

Finding Outs.

·       War was a very dangerous place
·       It was did not feel very nice to kill someone
·       There were 2721 New Zealand soldiers that died

My feelings about the WAR!

War does not seem nice at all and it isn’t!
I feel so sad for the families with young boys that have died in the War. How must of it felt to get a telegram in the mail saying that your one or two or even three young boys have died or got killed in the War.

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