Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg MAGIC

Today is EASTER! Lorie stayed the night at my house and in the morning we started our hunt for Easter eggs. Soon we found our first clue.  It was in the letterbox and it read: Welcome to the Easter bunny hunt, follow the clues and you will find some eggs. First you will have to use your brains. And then use your legs. The first clue is very simple, the answer is quite near, you will find it quickly if you find Pooh Bear. With the clues we found Easter eggs. Next we ran inside and found Pooh Bear sitting on top of a picnic basket.  We couldn't find the clue anywhere! But then James discovered it in Pooh Bears T-shirt. The next clue said: You might think you are clever because you found this clue but the next one is a bit harder it is in someones new shoe. We knew that it was my new sneakers and we found the next clue: Now we're getting closer to finding something you like to eat the next place to look is under dad's favorite seat. We all rushed to the big brown leather chair and I peeked under it and there were some eggs and the next clue: This clue is much more tricky and you might lose the plot unless you can work out somewhere that gets very hot. It was the oven, but we had already found the eggs from there because when we went to cook Hot Cross Buns this morning we couldn't because there were Easter eggs in it. The next clue was : The next clue is a bit harder you will have to use your legs, it is not in the washing machine but it might be in the pegs. We had trouble with this one because we thought it was in the peg bucket but it wasn't. Then I remembered mums new peg holder and we digged through the pegs till we found our next clue: By now you should of found some eggs and travelled near and far but you might find some more eggs beside a loud guitar. Then we found more eggs beside one of dads electric guitars. Our last clue was a bit of a giveaway: Some of the chocolate eggs did not want to be eaten so they hid amongst the eggs which are designed to be beaten this is the last clue and it's nothing to do with legs.  The last of the chocolate ones are hidden with dads free range real eggs. We soon found this and when we looked at the treats that we had found we all gaped in amazement. The Easter egg hunt was fun. HAVE A HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!! :)

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  1. Sounds like you guys had awsome fun, happy easter!