Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ANZAC biscuits

Today I learnt how to make ANZAC biscuits that they ate a lot in the war because they last a long time. I also learnt about the trenches they had to live in. Imagine having to live in a hole you dug. How horrible! Yesterday we learnt about the young man, Simpson, who went to war as one of those people who carried the dead or injured to the nurses. Simpson kept on doing his duty even when he was in grave danger. In the end Simpson got shot. Now people from Australia and New Zealand go and visit his grave. Today we also went to the RSA who have lots of ANZAC helmets and medals and ANZAC memorabilia. We also talked to people that were either on the war or know lots about it. We asked lots of questions and they were happy to give us answers to our questions.


  1. Making the Anzac biscuits was really fun.
    the best pat was rapping them.


  2. Hi Mia wonderful story. Making the ANZAC biscuits was awesome. I thought bringing the ANZAC biscuits to the return service men was a really nice idea, what about you?


  3. Hi Mia. I love your story about making Anzac biscuits. I loved making the Anzac biscuits for the R.S.A.