Thursday, April 5, 2012

Billy B Brown


Last night I read a great book, I will tell you about the book. It was calld Billy B Brown the midnight feast.  Its about a girl named Billy and a boy named Jack.Billy got a new tent and she wanted to sleep in Jack's backyard with him. Her dad took the tent to Jack's house. Jack got a packet of chips for the night and Billy got a big bag of marshmallows for a midnight feast.Jack keeps asking what is the time.  He really wanted the marshmallows. Billy said "what is the time?" Jack looked at his watch.  Billy said not yet Jack. Jack kept the torch on. He kept looking at his watch. Jack heard a growl.  He woke Billy. Billy was very scared. Billy and Jack stayed close together. Jack's Dad heard them screaming and came out. Jack's Dad said do you want to come inside to stay. Billy and Jack wanted to stay in the tent but thay were scared.  Billy said can we put the tent inside. Jack's Dad said ok. Billy and Jack slept in the tent inside.


  1. Janaya, what an AWESOME book review. I loved hearing more about the Billy B Brown series. I am so happy that you have found a great series.
    Mrs K

  2. I think you might enjoy this site...

  3. Hi Janaya!
    This sounds like such a cool book!

  4. I went on the website and I read to books on it.
    Have you been on the website Janaya?