Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Talking about the war...

Today we went to the R.S.A and we got a tour of the R.S.A. We got to look at the weapons they used. There were used gun shells and models of sunken ships. I don’t like to talk about war but today I did. I learnt that if you killed someone you could take their gun and use it if you had the right ammunition for it. We got to see a man who was 21 when he went in the war, his name was Ray and he said every day felt like a year.  He also said it was horrible to kill someone and I would rather not talk about it. Then we got to ask some questions about the war with a man named Bing. He answered most of our questions. 


  1. Hi Callum
    Really nice story. Do you think that it was great that we got to see a man from the war?


  2. Hi Callum
    I like your story.It was very interesting.


  3. Hi Laura

    I thought that it was interesting to meet Ray.


  4. Hi Jake

    thanks for your comment