Monday, April 2, 2012

Metallica Story......................

Metallica is a friendly robotic creature. She is from the planet Saturn and was first discovered by Sr. Franklin Xavier, who first found her inside an abandoned U.F.O. Xavier decided to take the robot back to earth so that he could do more tests. Two months later he found out that she is EXTREMELY RARE and can only be found once every second decade. What happened was Metallica's mother had died as soon as Metallica was born. When they are born usually they crack from a Crickell which is a type of egg only it has polka dots, stripes or zig-zags on it.They are so hard that you probably need to give the egg a good bashing with a hammer to make a crack in it. Unless the Metallic inside is ready to come out. Metallica is made out of tin shaped like a baked bean can she also has a propeller on the top of her head with triangle ears and an aerial sticking out of both. She wears the biggest smile on her oval shaped head and her face seems to light up the day.  She has two small hands with three fingers and on the tip of each finger there is a tiny square shaped nail. More and more people heard of the discovery of Metallica and soon people even tried to steal her.  People offered Xavier money for Metallica and many zoos tried to buy her. Soon Xavier realized that she was in danger and knew that it was best for Metallica to roam free in her world, the space world, so he sent his monkey "Pongo" to Saturn and there she was supposed to be released. Pongo never came back down, so nobody knows what became of the monkey. Some say that Metallica ate him! But no body will ever know the truth...........................


  1. Hi Michaela. Thx for my comment but your story is heaps better. It is so cool and creepy at the same time kinda.

    1. Thanks for the comment Zara!