Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dragon Adventure number fourteen...

Pepper and Norberts Stories

Warning in all storys Pepper and sometimes Norbert get up to mischief...

Fact Files

Pepper goes to a Carnival

One day a carnival came to Dragonwood. Everybody was very excited especially Pepper! He had never been to a carnival before but had heard it was great...
food, drink, rides of all sorts imaginable and heaps more free stuff! Pepper was espacially looking forward to all the shows that there would be. He talked about nothing but the carnival and what he would do when he got there. Finally his parents blew it! "Okay'' shouted his Mum angrily " Look I know you are excited but would you put a sock in it for at least a minute!" Pepper went off and sulked for about half an hour and then got over it quite guickly when he smelt tea. Mmmm... A nice healthy roast human!
The next day was the carnival! Pepper was hypo running round the cave singing very out of tune, " Lalalalala Carnival today" sang Pepper over and over again. " Will you do me a favour" moaned Pepper's brother Norbert " and shut your pie hole!" Pepper might of felt hurt if his Mum had said that but Norbert was a different case! He simply poked his tounge out and carried on singing!
They were at the Carnival. He had ended up saving $65 from his pocket money and his Mum and Dad had given everyone $10.
The carnival was bizzare! Colours flying everywhere. Reds, Oranges,Yellows and heaps more! Mum and Dad had given everyone an amount of time to themselves to go around the store! Pepper went off with Norbert around the place. 

Pepper Steals!!!

One cloudy day Pepper and Norbert were playing in the Orchard. Then Loreeta the sweet dragon came up to the boys and asked if they wanted to buy some sweets for dragons. They searched their bags. "I can't believe it'' exclaimed Pepper ''I don't have a cent on me''. ''Oh well boys'' sighed the Sweet lady '' You can get some later if you have any money then''. And off she went to some other dragons. ''WELL... '' whispered Norbert '' Do you want a sweet?'' '' Dur of course I do'' replied Pepper. ''Well then go and get some and get some for me!'' "But isn't that stealing'?' asked Pepper. ''Well err... Nope. Come On just two, one for me and one for you'' Norbert moaned. ''PLEASE!!!!'' ''But why can't you do it?''asked Pepper. ''Well I already... Oh just do it'' said Norbert impatiently. "Fine but you owe me big!" replied Pepper. Off Pepper went creeping up to the sweet trolley ( Loreeta had temporarily abandoned the trolley) When no one was looking Pepper popped up and took two sherbet lemons. "YES! you got them" said Norbert in joy. Then he snatched one off Norbert and scoffed it! " Mmm thats good!'' Pepper quickly popped his sweet into his mouth in case Norbert was thinking of eating his one too! In bed that night Peper had a squirmy feeling in his tummy. He did not like stealing it made him feel guilty and he did'nt like that one bit! He promised himself thata he would never steal again!

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