Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am so frightened. There is nothing to eat. I feel so unwanted. It’s like the days go and on. It’s freezing outside. I wish I was in someone’s warm and cozy house. There is no food to eat; all I can find are some leftovers in a rubbish bin. All I want is an owner and some food. Is that too much to ask for? There is absolutely no light on the street, only the moonlight shines down on me. I’m trying to go to sleep but its so hard to, knowing that tomorrow is not going  to be any better than today. I had such a bad sleep last night. I was having nightmares. I’m so tired. I don’t know if I will be able to last the rest of the day. I’m stranded here. I have go nowhere to go. Even though I am so tired and cold I know that I will pull through. I’m going to the supermarket dumpster to see if there is any food that I can eat. I am so dirty now but it was all worth it for this one little piece of meat. Oh no, a stray dog is also looking for food. He’s looking at the meat in my mouth licking his lips. I sprint away as fast as I can. I look behind me and he is still chasing me.   

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