Sunday, August 26, 2012

Unloved until now

I'm so hungry, so cold I would even eat a piece of broccoli if I had to. You may think I've been unloved forever but you’re wrong. I once had a Great Dane puppy loving family. They were rich, loving all the nicest things on earth combined and that time was two weeks ago. But that time is over. I'm Spike ( I bet you already know my breed though) Oh no, hmm, just stumble across the p...p...pound! I've heard a lot about the S.P.C.A? A flame of braveness was lit in my heart so I went for it. I scratched at the door until a nice looking man came out, picked me up and put me down in a gigantic fenced off court yard. I realized I was not alone in this toy filled doggy playground. After a month an even richer and friendlier family adopted me and kept asking me names until I nodded to my original name and ended up living like a king.  


  1. Hi Jack
    Nice to see that your stray dog found a home at the end.
    Your dog tho must have been starving if he could eat a piece of broccoli!

  2. great story Jack and you have the same name as my cat - Aaliyah