Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nadzeya Ostapchuck

I am Nadzeya Ostapchuck and I am preparing for the London Olympic 2012. I have been training really hard with my coach. I will be going to London in a few days. I am really excited about going and I hope my hard work will pay off. I’m at the Olympics in London. I have a few more days to train so I can beat that Valerie Adams. I am such a nervous wreck right now. I will do it for my country.

It is almost my event and I have taken some bad stuff for my muscles. I haven’t asked my coach and if he found out he will be very mad at me. I am cheating myself but I know I will definitely win. A gold medal for my country. Oh yeah, they will be so proud of me. If the Olympic Games people drug test me and they find out Valerie Adams will win the gold medal for New Zealand.

So here I am walking up to the mark ready to beat Valerie Adams. I am feeling guilty because I am cheating but knowing this will be a great throw it is sort of good. Here I go… I make that shot put fly through the air and it passed Valerie’s shot. The crowd goes wild. I am happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I have cheated, and happy because I won.                

I am standing on the podium waiting for my medal with Valerie Adams by my side. I’m feeling so guilty because I know that I have taken drugs and cheated. The gold medal is now around my neck I am so proud and guilty at the same time the whole crowd are cheering and then the guy on the loud speaker he says now we will have the Belarusian national anthem…                                                                                                                                                   

I am Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Today I am going back to my country feeling bad and not happy and the whole world knows that I took drugs to win… but the really bad thing is that my coach didn’t know.  He is so mad at me and so is my county. I am so sorry for the world.  I should not have done it and the world is mad at me for what I did.  Now I am known as the cheater that took pills to win the gold medal in shot pot. And Valerie is feeling great and I’m not…

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  1. Hello Room 6,

    You can imagine the disappointment of a country expecting a returning golden hero but receiving someone in shame. So many who supported her would have felt let down by the choices she made.
    Hello Room 6,

    Such moments can happen in any event. We try our hardest but someone outperforms. As good sportspeople we take the loss gracefully but, to find the winner had taken an unfair edge, we have a right to be disappointed we lost the opportunity to stand and hear out national anthem played.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia