Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nadzeya's Coach

Today is training day.  She came and looked fine and ready to go. She did great.  She tried her hardest. She was throwing great throws. She bet her highest score. I was very proud of her. It is coming up to the Olympics and I think that if she keeps at it she could win. I am very proud of all the hard work and all the hours that she put in to the training.

It’s time for the shot put event. She did her first throw and I felt suspicious because she was throwing over 21 m. Everyone was about 1m behind her and I was so confused. Then I knew that something was happening. She came over and I asked her what was happening.  She said she was fine. She was in the box seat; no one was going to get better than over 21m. Her muscles got bigger. Her closet rival Valerie Adams couldn’t get to 21m. I wonder if she was holding back at training. She came over after her 4th throw and I asked her how she was throwing 21m and she said it was her lucky day. Another strange thing, she didn’t throw any foul throws and everyone else threw at least one foul.

I’m so disappointed in Nadzeya. I never thought that a world class athlete would take drugs to try and improve their performance. She would have had a better chance at getting a medal if she didn’t take the drugs because now she has no medal. She was pretty much guaranteed a medal.  Even if it wasn’t gold it still would have been amazing. I don’t know why she didn’t consult me about taking the drugs. I can’t believe I didn’t realise she was taking drugs. I was so shocked when I found out about it. Nadzeya was such a good athlete before she took the drugs. She trained well she was eating well it was near impossible to tell that she was taking the drugs. I was so sad that Nadzeya was the only person who took drugs.        

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  1. Hello Room 6,

    The events make us wonder what was going on in the minds of those around when the massive throw was made... disappointment at being beaten... amazement at the throw... suspicion all was not well...

    We can only hope this is the only person to be found to have taken drugs to win. There have been a number over the years who have been caught. It would be a shallow victory if, in your own mind, you knew you had cheated to win.
    Hello Room 6,

    You can imagine the disappointment of a country expecting a returning golden hero but receiving someone in shame. So many who supported her would have felt let down by the choices she made.
    Hello Room 6,

    Such moments can happen in any event. We try our hardest but someone outperforms. As good sportspeople we take the loss gracefully but, to find the winner had taken an unfair edge, we have a right to be disappointed we lost the opportunity to stand and hear out national anthem played.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia