Friday, August 17, 2012

The fox in the forest

I’m in the forest just about to catch a bird.  Yes, I got it.  Yum, good breakfast but I’m thirsty too.  I went to the pond.  Oh no, my worst nightmare is there.   She hasn’t seen me yet. Nos she has and I’m running for my life and I’m in a good place.  Noooo, she’s got me.  I could die, but she let me free.  There’s a snowstorm coming. She was walking home and I was too.  It was getting colder and colder.  She started to go to sleep.  I felt sorry for her so I gave her a cuddle. 


  1. Awesome story Ryan!
    It's sounds like she was in a kind mood that day, letting you go and you re-payed her by keeping her safe and warm.

  2. Kapai Ryan, what a wonderful story! I am very impressed with how focused you are on your writing. I wonder why you are writing so much more now? I can't wait for another wonderful animal story! Well done!