Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Belarusian Public views on the events...

Nadzeya Ostapuuck was looking worse and worse as the Olympics were drawing close. Many say the stress was getting to her. Nadzeya was seen training way after hours at the local gym. She doesn’t think she has even a shot a winning, Against Valerie Adams. Her family is so proud of her, I can hear them cheering and boasting about how she is sooo going to win and that Valerie Adams has no chance. As if! I may live in Russia, but I still think Valerie will win, I have seen her throw on the T.V. I am getting slightly suspicious because Nadzeya looks like she is hiding something and she looks surprisingly as if she isn’t worried about her throw but about something else… 

After the shot put we saw Nadzeya Ostapuuck standing on the top of the podium! Wow! Her coach must have been training her a lot for the Olympics! Wow! We are so proud of Nadzeya Ostapuuck! We cannot wait until she scores another gold medal for shot put! Our country is very excited to be bringing a gold medal home! What will her family say! They will be very amazed! Our country cannot wait to celebrate what you have been awarded! We have finally beaten New Zealand! Once and for all!      

We were so proud when we won gold. Hearing our national anthem when we throw 21.3m.  Beating NZ was a big achievement for us.  It is good to get gold in the Olympic Games. To be the best this year is very good.  

OH NO our gold medal shot putter cheated. This news is such a disgrace to our country. There are so many disappointing words to describe our cheater I can’t keep count of how many I have; some of the words I have to describe this are ashamed, angry, disappointed, disgraced, annoyed, let down, disgusted, dishonored, stressed and embarrassed. Nadzeya Ostapuuck has disgusted everyone in our country.  How will her coach forgive her? I wish she did not take those drugs because now we have been disqualified from shot put and our athlete is coming home. I hope she is embarrassed because we are. This Nadzeya Ostapuuck does not deserve any respect from anyone after what she has done. If only she won without taking drugs.  

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  1. Hello Alex, Anahera, Bridget, Mia,

    I think you have summed up what must have been the feelings of many people from Belarus. Excitement of a gold taken away because one of their own chose to cheat. Well done.

    (Oops, I think I may have copied and pasted comments for some when I only meant to copy and paste my name. My apologies to those writers where this might have happened.)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia