Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reflecting on our written language...

Late last term we started narrative writing.  Following on from our animal inquiries we chose animals to 'be', to write from their perspective, to write as if we were the animal!  We discussed language use, problems and resolutions and painted pictures with our words.  We also talked about showing the reader as opposed to telling the reader.  We started tentatively and shared some of our stories on our blog.  Gradually we became more confident with writing from the perspective of the animal and we loved the choice over animal to be.  We have written from the perspective of a cat, a dog, giraffe, panda, caterpillar, and a fox.  Today we used the Literacy Shed and shared the AMAZING story Stray by Maia Walczak Shed  to write from the perspective of a stray dog.  
After an amazing session writing and editing we reflected on the HUGE improvement in our written language over the term.  We came up with the following reasons for our improvement:

  • We have practised lots;
  • We know we can write our best writing;
  • We love the motivation of watching a clip;
  • We challenge ourselves;
  • We believe in ourselves;
  • We like writing for the 100WC;
  • We like feedback on our writing and we are getting that through our blog posts;
  • We are always improving.
Mrs K is very impressed with our work. We are very impressed with our work.  We have been very excited to have people comment about how much our writing has improved since the start of the year.  
We plan to publish our stray stories here over the next few days so please keep checking back and let us know what you think of our written language.  
Check out the photos of us so engaged in our writing today!

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