Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Skyping MAGIC today!

Today we had the most amazing skype session with Mrs Skinner from the West Coast of England. We organised to skype on Wednesday – teehee – how money that was! It is Wednesday for us now, but not Wednesday for Great Britain until tomorrow! We got it sorted and our wonderful conversation began. We talked about the Olympics, and the MAGIC of Mrs Skinner seeing the Olympic torch when it travelled through Bristol, then again when it travelled through Kent. Britain had made a commitment to have the younger generation involved in the opening ceremony so it was amazing to see the young light the copper petals, igniting the combined cauldron to burn for the duration of the Olympics. The Journey of the Olympic torch is amazing!

We then talked about the 100 word challenge and the second challenge which is the five sentence challenge. This will begin again on the 3rd of September and our class is signed up ready to go! It is an amazing opportunity for us to connect and collaborate with writers around the world.
The hundred word challenge is a great target for those of us who struggle to write a lot, and it is a great challenge for those of us who write pages. It is a chance to craft our writing and chose our words carefully!
What an exciting buzz at writing time today! Words floating around the room…. Dancing on the pages, creating pictures in our minds, entertaining us…
Oh my goodness... we have a published story ready to share already...........


  1. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun today in Room 6.
    I like the photo mosaic.

  2. Hi

    It was very fun skyping some one from Great Britain about the 100 word challenge it was a very fun activity