Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To dearest Farmer Brown,

To dearest Farmer Brown,

You are the best owner a dog could ask for and I repay you with my loyalty and respect.

The other day I happened to notice your fancy new Hunting and Fishing Waterproof Gumboots.

They don't happen to come in a smaller size do they? It's just that since you don't allow us to ride on the Motorcycle anymore us helpless dogs put up with the hard long trudging along through the icky sticky mud that you just zoom through. I'm just suggesting that your poor old hard working dogs deserve a single pair of gumboots. I hope this doesn't ruin the deal but, I have noted the other dogs of my thoughts and they agree, so I guess that will be 13 pairs of boots, or no rounding sheep this weekend........

Yours Sincerely,

Paw Paw,


Marcy, Doris and Kath want a pink pair of boots (high heeled) each, and

Bobo, Marty and Travis want a Jet ski.

By the way if you were wondering,

the pig stole your old pair....


  1. This is such good fun Michaela! Brilliant writing and so humourous. You have a real talent for comedy there!

    1. Thank you Mrs Skinner, I really do enjoy writing time, my favorite subject!