Thursday, August 16, 2012


I’m running around the woods with my paws in the snow. All of the sudden I hear a chirping bird. I quickly race to the sound as fast as my little paws will carry me. I look up and see a bird. I get out my claws and dig them into the bark of the tree. With all my might I try and climb the tree. My paws are aching. Phew! I made it to the top of the tree. I’m getting ready to prance. I have pranced. That was delicious. I just love birds, they just make me go crazy. I'm a frosty white fox. I just heard a branch crack. I know it's a human trying to get my frosty fur. If I don't eat soon I will starve. Please help.


  1. Great story Laura, did you write exactly 100 words?
    I wrote more, but I can still shorten it.

    1. Hey Michaela
      I wrote a bit more then 100 words.
      Thanks for the comment.