Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Life as a Panda - first one hundred word challenge post!

It’s the middle of the night and I’m tucked up in my tree branch. I can’t wait until morning, snoring out loud above the tree top branches!

Time to get up early and have breakfast! Eating plants and leaves from high and above. Monkeys swinging from vine to vine above my head! A blueberry plops on my head. I look up and around, nothing there? Except a tiny blueberry! I scoff it in my mouth and search for more!

Now it is midmorning, I’m off on my greatest adventure of my life, searching for the secret mystery of the blueberries!


  1. Hello Anahera!
    I love the way you have left this cliff hanger ending because you could write another episode in this panda's life. Congratulations for being the first 100wc! I hope to see many more!

  2. Anahera, you've managed to create some suspense in this piece. I'm curious where the blueberries were coming from too! I hope the panda is able to solve the mystery.

  3. Great story Anahera!
    It sounds like an adventurous Panda.
    The tagxedo looks like a blueberry of words!

  4. Hi Anahera. I really enjoyed this story - I wonder where those blueberries were coming from? I hope the panda manages to solve the mystery. Well done.