Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Farmer Brown


Dear Farmer Brown,

Lovely, handsome, smart, charming Farmer Brown.
As you obviously know you are by far the best ever farmer there is. But us ducks hear things.
And those ducks from next door have been boasting like crazy about there new 'Fun Park'.
That farmer Abel will be making for them. They're also talking about a pond upgrade!
Since this is such a wonderful idea Farmer Abel might now be the best farmer.
Us ducks need a fun park too you know. You ask why? We have a diving board and filter what else would we need?
Well yes, the filter has done us good and we're always squeaky clean and healthy.
But the diving board is getting far too crowded as it's not just us that seem to use it. Farmer McDonald's ducks come over and use it too. So the line goes forever on. Say that you agree with our idea.
When you start building we will probably need a pond upgrade, triple to fit the fun park in!
Hopefully you agree because if you don't we will annoy you all day and night.
In the day getting under your feet and quacking loudly, and in the night making the most
horrible din you'll ever hear. You will not be able to go to sleep at night!
So consider these reasons and then consider the consequences. I t's your choice.

Yours truly
The Ducks.

Dear Ducks.
I have considered your reasons and I am going to give in as I remember what happened with the cows.
I have called the company management and they will start building in 2 weeks time.

Yours sincerely

Farmer Brown

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