Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sometimes I feel more abandoned, hungry and alone, more than other days. On those rare occasions when I feel less lost I almost feel more dog like as if I have something to live for. I don’t have a home or food or a family that hasn’t left me stranded. My family left me to face the world by myself ever since I was a little puppy. Now I have to fend for myself eating scraps and living in dumps. Who knows why they left me, I probably wasn’t good enough for them. Heck even the pound doesn’t want a pathetic little dog like me. This was all before Emily found me.  She was like my guardian angel. This is how she found me. There I was in a new found dump, I had just discovered. It was a typical night as a stranded dog when Emily walked my way… She picked me up, gave me half of her McDonald’s cheese burger and took me to her house. It took me a while to trust her after all I have been through but I soon did because she bathed me, fed me right and kept me warm at night. Over the next few weeks I grew fatter and could be recognized as a dog. Emily called me Stray! What a perfect name for a dog whose neglected and stray. So there you have it a story of how a homeless little dog found her happy ending after all. 


  1. Great story Mia!
    I like how it has a happy ending and a good message "Don't judge a person (or dog) by how they look, but by their actions."

  2. Mia, I like the fact that the story starts off quite sad and you create a great visual with the writing that you have done. I really enjoyed the fact that the story had such a positive ending. My favourite line was about the naming as 'Stray'. I will share this work with my classroom tomorrow, we look at guest authors and I will give this to one of my reading groups to have a look at.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  3. Hi Mia! Fantastic story! I love the colours on your tagxedo!