Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi, I’m Jack the German pointer. I live a very lonely life because I’m a stray. I have to scavenge around for food. Now its night I’ve been searching in every skip and garbage can for food. It has been an unsuccessful night. I’m drenched. It feels like I’m carrying a kilogram of stone on my back. It feels so depressing to have no home, no food and no owner.  What can be worse than that? I decide to make a life changing journey to the country. When I get further and further to the country there is more road kill. At night I silently sneak onto the road and snatch all the meat off the skeleton. I see one big light. Then I find out that it’s two lights. I feel so freaked I run into a wire fence. I think I have broken my nose into a thousand minuscule pieces. I have one big deep cut too. One good thing is I’ve found shelter. I feel like I’m losing lots of blood. I suddenly have a blackout. Two minutes later I feel a whole lot of pain. I then die.

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