Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am sprinting through the Alaskan forest and my tummy started to rumble. So I stop sprinting and start sniffing around for food. I look up and I see smoke. So now I know that someone has got food.  I creep deep into the forest. I keep walking and then out of the bushes came a hunter and then I hear a loud gun shot and that is all I remember. Yawn, I just woke up and my leg is aching.  Then I notice I have a gunshot in my leg. I feel dizzy and then my heart stops...


  1. Hi Jake
    I like your story. It's a bit of a scary ending though. Just out of the blue. I'm dead. I like it. Short sharp ending.

  2. Hello Jake,

    A fox alone in the Alaskan forest... This is a very well written story through the eyes of an animal and not the hunter. How sad the poor fox's life ended this way.

    Well done, Jake. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  3. Great Story Jake!
    I really want to hear about what happens to the poor Fox.
    Does he recover or was he captured and taken?