Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am unloved. I live in an abandoned factory. I used to be a house pet. My family died right in front of me. Now I eat cookie dough and live with a friend.  We like to go to the ruins of the city. Few people still live there after we got invaded and bombed. There’s artillery everywhere. Sometimes we find meat which is like a treat to us. There’s a waterfall which is the only supply of water we have to go when no one is there, or we could get killed so we go back home. Soon it becomes night time. We rush outside and go to the water fall.   We get a drink and then we here an argument over something.  My friend saves me. He pulls me out of the way, back to the factory. It was some war folk. He said that’s bad news. In the morning we’re going back down south to the place where we came from.      

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  1. Great story Gracin, is this based in the scene of a war?
    I love the opening sentence "I am unloved" it really gives the reader an idea of what the story is about.-Michaela