Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Visitors

Today we got 8 Waachi visitors. When they got here we sang haere mai to them and then they went to room 7 for a wee bit and then they came to our class… then the fire alarm went and we went out side and did jump jam with them. When we got to the fourth song one of the visitors got up and did the action as a leader. After that we went to the courts and played some basketball.  They were too good for us, but they do practice 2 hours everyday. We played for 1 hour and10 minutes and the bell rang and we were all like “oh now we have to go inside”. We got like 5 more minutes with them and then they had to go. I wish they could stay for the whole day but they had to go.

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  1. Hi Callum
    It was a lot of fun with the students wasn't it. It was alot of fun mking origami. It was nice how one of them gaves us some japanese stationary.