Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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When Valerie Adams was training…

We all felt really proud of Valerie Adams when she got into the Olympic Games. All of New Zealand feels proud to have her representing our country. She is working hard to get into that top three and I’ll bet you a million she will. Valerie is a hard working person.  She will never give up. She will always have her head up even if she does not get in that top three. New Zealand will still be so proud.  

We were on the edge of our seats while our proud New Zealander, Valerie Adams put up her throws. My heart was in my mouth and beating like a drum. Would it be good enough? She heaved herself back and spun around while she pushed the big shot put with all her might and power. This was it, all of her training put together. It would win her that Gold medal for her country, if things went the way they were supposed to. At this moment New Zealand Public members were lying back relaxing, she has done it, and she has won Gold. But then Russian shot-putter, Nadzeya Ostapchuuk threw an outstanding throw that was over 1 meter further than Valerie’s! We all sat there, our mouths gaping Valerie must have been devastated. But at least she‘s won us a medal! 

At the Games the Russian was the famous one. Today we found out that she was taking drugs.  Now that she is taking out it means that we have a new Champion. Now the Belarusian has to go back to her country and face them. So New Zealand is still happy and I don’t blame them.  New Zealand just walked away with a gold medal.

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  1. Hello Room 6,

    Such moments can happen in any event. We try our hardest but someone outperforms. As good sportspeople we take the loss gracefully but, to find the winner had taken an unfair edge, we have a right to be disappointed we lost the opportunity to stand and hear out national anthem played.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia