Friday, August 17, 2012


I’m slinking smoothly though the forest, pad by pad hitting the dense forest. My bushy tail flicking round. Beady green eyes wide and alert. I move like a shadow, without a sound walk and slink. I move though the night.  That’s the safest way, because I’m not the prey. No time to stop. I’m in a rush. Suddenly two beaming yellow eyes pop out of nowhere. Adrenalin kicks in. I now know what it is. Hunters looking for my kind, you know a fox of course. Its either run or die, I know which one I want now lets put it into action. Its not hard.  I've done it all my life. Quiet running, easy as. Yellow eyes getting closer now better make a move. It turns out I was beside a road and a car was what I saw.


  1. Callum, this is an astonishing piece of creative writing. I love the 'i'm not prey'. Really powerful. I also really like the tagexdo with the shape outlined. Very effective!

  2. Dear Callum,

    This is an amazing piece of writing. Great descriptive language and you had a great hook. I also like the picture of the fox surrounded by words that describe foxes.
    Just wonderful Callum!

    Well done,

  3. Great story Callum!
    I love the line "I move like a shadow" it really gives me a picture of your fox. I also like the outline of your fox for the Tagxedo.