Sunday, August 26, 2012


As the soaking wet rain came down and the cold rain went everywhere, it was a may rain that took all the strength out of me, the rain was all around me. I can feel the ground come up to meet me. I had been left out on the street to starve.  Nobody wanted to come and get me in. One night I had been run over by a truck, shot in the head, put in a body bag and just to top it off, I got put in a freezer… And so my story started on a cold day.  It was raining and the wind was everywhere. Something moved out of the corner of my eye and then a horn and then the black came in all at once. I had been hit. A man came into the picture and to put me out of my pain by shooting me with a gun, and then a vet came and put me into a body bag and took me to the vet. He put me in a cold place and then two hours later he went into the cold place and saw me looking at him. He was so sad.  They took me to the x-ray room. I had two broken legs, a big mark above my face, a broken rib and had broken teeth.

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  1. Hi Kurt,
    Although your story started off very sad about the dog, I hope that it managed to get help and fixed up. Did the dog survive and find a nice owner??
    Love Mum.