Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 It’s lonely and dark in a stray dog’s life. How do you think I know that? You guessed it, I’m a stray dog. Being stray makes me feel unwanted and abandoned. Its night and I live in a dump. I’m always frightened and afraid. At night I of me living in a big house and I have a family that loves me. Of course that will never happen. I’m a golden retriever, so I should be out there retrieving things like ducks. It’s daytime in my homeless live. Today I’m going to go round the dump and look for food scraps. That’s all I ever eat. Some other dogs live in mansions and wear posh clothes. That’s not me. I have to search for my food and get my fur coat dirty. I really have to find food because I haven’t eaten in five days. Yippee, I found a half eaten apple in a garbage bag. It’s a bit yuck but I will eat it any way. I have finished looking around the dump and I found lots of things. I found some vegetables, fruit and a mince pie. That’s a big feed for me. Since I have a full belly I’m going to have a walk around the town. If I don’t go for a walk, I will be stray and fat. I’m up the street and heaps of people are patting me. I love it when they do that. One man that works at the butchers gave me some raw meat. I think that was nice of him. I used to have a collar with my address on it but it fall of one day. I really have forgotten where I used to live. Before I smelt a familiar smell. It was my old owner. He was up the street. When he left I followed him. Guess where I am now. I’m at my old home. This is so great. I found out my owners still love me. They have given me a nice warm bath. They also gave me lots of food. Dreams really do come true. 


  1. Hi laura
    Awesome story!
    I love how you described stray!

    1. Thanks Bridget.
      Have you published your awesome story yet?.


  2. Hi Laura! I love your story as an unwanted stray dog!